Privacy Policy

T.R.Communications llc. takes your privacy matters very seriously.

This Policy details what information we receive, collect, and use in connection with the website located at (the Site), and the software ( App), together - Services.

Each time you use Services, you agree and expressly consent to all points described in this Privacy Policy. We’ll update or modify the Privacy Policy at any time with or without notice. However, we will not use your Personal information in a way that is substantially different than described in this Policy.

If you are a user accessing Service from any country different from Ukraine, with its specific laws governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure, please, be advised that through your continued use of Service, which is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine, this Privacy Policy and Public Offer, you are transmitting your personal information in strict compliance with Ukraine law. Software allows you to make voice calls (make and receive calls).


When a User creates a account, there is no need to provide any personal data.

Nobody knows who is the owner of the account. You are completely anonymous.

You are registering with a login and password. That’s all.

The application asks you to give access to your contacts. Synchronizing contacts makes it easier to call people from your contact list.

When you register, you will get a phone number (+380-893-XXXXXX) that you can use as for outgoing and incoming calls worldwide. User’s profile.

Your profile includes only the phone number and password.

However, we know your other data:

  • IP address;
  • the operating system of your device (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.);
  • the model of your device (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc.);
  • your regional settings (for proper user interface);
  • your time zone.

We collect these data for the following purposes:

  • to guarantee you a high quality of service;
  • to comply with legal obligations;
  • to prevent fraud;
  • to diagnose call errors;
  • to solve service quality problems.

Sharing data.

We never share your data with anyone.

Storing data.

We store only those data that are necessary for the correct functioning of our services.


Each user gets a phone number (+380-893-XXXXXX). A user can use the phone number for incoming and outgoing calls. All incoming calls for user are free.

Since gives users the opportunity to make paid calls, CDR (Call Detail Records) is necessary for calculating the cost of calls and maintain a balance.

To process your payments we use services of third parties (banks). Banks independently take the appropriate measures to protect your personal data and to comply with relevant laws.

By court order, we can record of your communications content.

Push notifications.

To notify you about incoming calls, app uses the notification service on your device. In order to save your device’s resources (battery life, etc.) the Application goes in an idle mode and disconnects from servers after 3 minutes of inactivity. To deliver notifications about received calls we use standard push services from Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Microsoft Corporation. does not provide IP-addresses and other data to the providers of push services, which make it possible to identify the user.

Advertisement and spam.'s business model excludes any form of advertisement from any companies.

Of course, your’s phone number is accessible for incoming calls worldwide. And sometimes somebody you don’t know can call you by mistake or intentionally. The good news is that all incoming calls to your phone number are free for you. Site.

If you have permitted your computer or your mobile phone to accept cookies, we may use cookies on site. Our servers may automatically collect data about your Internet address when you visit the Site. Your IP Address does not include personally identifiable information.

Websites that are somehow connected with our Site are not controlled by They have their own privacy policy. We assume no responsibility for such websites.

You can prohibit the use of cookies through the settings of your web browser.

We use Google Analytics in relation to both the Site and the App in order to collect data, track, create and receive reports of statistics relating to usage thereof. By using our Site or the App, you declare your consent of Google’s use of the data collected about you in the manner and for the purposes described above. We never associate any data gathered from the Site with any personal identifiable information from any source.

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